12 Super Easy Smoothies & Juices That Will Change Your Life

It's been a whole week that we've been in Costa Rica. I've been enjoying all of the fresh produce, trying various restaurants and of course the various juice shacks. There has been one in particular, The Sno Shack. Every day, since we've been here, we've gotten a fresh smoothie - spinach, cucumber, basil, pineapple and ice. Who knew that 5 simple ingredients could be so refreshing and tasty? I love green juices and smoothies for all of the health benefits and nutrients that are packed into one drink. No matter who you are or what your health goals may be, you cannot go wrong when it comes to introducing smoothies or juices into your life. By drinking these potent beverages, you're literally changing your cells. You're providing your body with vital nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants in an easy-to-digest form. Everything about you will improve, including your sleep, your happiness, and the quality of your skin.

Here are 12 super easy smoothies and juices that will change your life, inside and out.

Check out 12 Super Easy Smoothies & Juices That Will Change Your Life

by valerie fidan at Foodie.com

Strawberry Dragon Fruit Shake (Let's Regale) Green Strawberry Banana Smoothie (Margarets Dish) Daily Kaleaide Ritual (Let's Regale) Banana Mango Green Smoothie Bowls with Hemp Seeds + Sprouts (With Food and Love) Berry Vanilla Smoothie with Chia Seeds (Let's Regale) Mango, Blood Orange and Banana Smoothie (What should I Eat For Breakfast Today) Clean Lean Juice (Let's Regale) Peanut Butter & Jelly Date Smoothie (Minamilist Baker) Avocado, Pineapple, and Banana Smoothie (Blogging Over Thyme) Mean Green Smothie (Half Baked Harvest) Antioxidant Smoothie Bowl (blissful basil) Blueberry Peach Kale Smoothie (Snack Rules)

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