A New Way to Exercise and Have Fun


A New Way to Exercise and Have Fun with Fitness Bingo

Other than the usual house parties and community events, bingo’s flexibility spans almost all aspects of life. You’ve got themed variants such as horse race bingo, beach blanket bingo, and punk rock bingo. This popular pastime even successfully penetrated the worldwide web with a bevvy of online gaming modifications. In short, the classic tabletop game’s appeal and adaptability is sensed everywhere, including physical activities like workouts and group exercises.

Photo Credit: Kayla Itsines

A while back we wrote about the most common exercise excuses and inspire you to start exercising. In light of this, you can take your routines up a notch by incorporating more fun in your workouts so you won’t have any more reasons to skip Tuesday’s leg day.

Fitness Bingo combines two equally rewarding ventures into one entertaining method. You’ve probably heard about the somewhat intimidating practices of CrossFit and High-Intensity Interval Training, but this exercise variant veers away from these without losing positive outcomes. It simply adds the amusement factor to a physically demanding group activity.

Starting Fitness Bingo is easy. You have to produce cards with different fitness exercises, instead of numbers and letters, inside each square. Part of the pleasures of making these cards is you get to customize and put your own spin to it. On the other hand, if you’re too pressed for time, you can enlist the help of quirky websites like MyFreeBingoCards.com. Also, you should sync these cards with the same exercises listed on an app called Spin It. Use this app every session to select a movement at random, before performing and crossing out the corresponding workout box. A set ends once someone shades the selected pattern. This is just a simple proof of how Fitness Bingo can be a vehicle toward physical and emotional wellness, as well as an avenue for people to see a different side of the game. In addition, it also reflects the charm and the evolution of this iconic game.

Bingo has a timeless influence that draws generation to generation. It mixes the old with the new to adjust to the ever-changing needs of people. Similar to the abovementioned CrossFit and HIIT, bingo injected new life by going to the online route. As a way to attract the modern age players, gaming companies provided a range of convenient options so anyone can play anytime, anywhere. These firms have even designed these games in such a way that it features a stunning façade. Gala Bingo, a gaming company based in the UK, integrates themes such as British Royalty, Amazonian Forest, and 80s Club Scene to cover players of all ages and interests. With this, the game effectively continues to withstand the test of time.

To sum everything up, working out and playing bingo may be in opposite sides of the world. You can even say that these two are parallel with each other, offering no common denominator. However, if you look at them from a technological and beneficial standpoint, you can see that fitness and bingo share the feeling of an optimistic result.