How To Make A Salad New and Exciting


I love my greens, and I know you do too. Salads are the typical go-to meal when we're focused on healthy eating. But, it's fun to switch things up from your typical Kale Ceasar or Chopped Cobb. Trying different flavors, colors and textures is key to avoiding boredom. Salads are a great type of meal to experiment. Throw things in your salad to make it new and exciting.

Deconstruct your favorite dish can help with getting creative. By turning something else into a salad you can make dish a fun way to enjoy a favorite meal. It’s especially good for sandwich combinations or other recipes where the elements of your dish are really just fillers. Here's how to perk up your salads with some different flavors and textures, without a lot of extra time in the kitchen.

How To Make A Salad New and Exciting

Get Creative With Ingredients

Think every bowl has to start with a bunch of greens? Think again. By changing the ratio of leaves to other ingredients, can make a salad bold and interesting. Try chickpeas, roasted mushrooms, jicama, quinoa, spiralized zucchini. This creates a bold color-filled bowl, heartier texture and can act as a good base.

Try this... Garbanzo Bean & Kale Salad

Rethink Your Veggie Prep

Chopping up your produce saves time when you're making your salad for later. Instead of doing standard dice, reach for a peeler or spiralize to create thin wide strips of carrots or zucchini.

Add Some Crunch

One of the fun parts about eating salad is enjoying all the different textures. It's fun to experiment with toppings like roasted nuts (almond slivers, walnuts, or anything else you like), crispy pork rinds, or even just raw jicama.

Heat it Up

By adding one or two warm elements onto a salad, this can switch up the whole salad game in interesting ways. The classic is to make the protein warm: a chicken breast hot off the grill, tossed with lettuce, onions, and toppings--Like this grilled chili lime chicken fajita salad. But you could also add all kinds of warmer mix-ins like roasted mushrooms or sweet potato.

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Pack In More Flavor

A couple of the ways they do this is by mixing fresh herbs into the lettuce base for the salad or drizzling a squeeze of lemon or lime on top. It's also nice to add a little bit of spice--depending on how much heat you can take. It could be as tame as fresh cracked pepper—or something with a little more of a kick, like Sriracha.

DYI your dressing

Surprisingly, this makes a huge difference. By making your own salad dressing, you can add different flavors and herbs to your dressing like this avocado cilantro dressing or >raspberry poppy seed dressing.

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