Jetting Off For A Vaycay? Here Are 10 Ways To #StayFit When You're #Traveling


I’ve made exercise a consistent habit in my life. I’m one of those people that consistent has to be moving and doing something. When in San Francisco that meant feeding my SoulCycle addiction 3-4 times per week and keeping balanced with yoga 4-5 times a week, with the occasional throwing in a Bikram session or pilates reformer session. In Portland, boxing, sculpt yoga and megaformer classes have been my go-to. And, even while we traveled around as digital nomads, my husband Gregg and I managed to keep a routine beyond the ridiculous amount of walking we did on any given day. But, I get it…

Keeping fit while traveling can be difficult if not an impossible task to manage. Especially if you are traveling for work, the demands of a busy schedule, rushing around from place to place, can leave you with absolutely no time to keep up your regular exercise program. Staying in shape relies on one major factor-consistency. Consistency in what you eat and consistency in your fitness program will ensure that you keep fit and healthy all the time. But what happens when you are on the move all the time?

Traveling for pleasure is also a difficult time to keep up the fitness regime. A glass of wine and a nice juicy burger seems much more attractive than trying to find yourself a safe and appropriate place to exercise in a foreign city.

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Working out while traveling can be easy, but only if you have the right mindset. Leaving with only vague ideas about exercise will give you every opportunity to make excuses when exhaustion, stress, and responsibilities start piling up. Instead, plan ahead. Pack workout clothes and shoes and research your destination to learn about your hotel’s gym access or other opportunities to exercise in the area. Exercising doesn’t need to be an elaborate, exhaustive process, especially when you’re on the road. Even doing something simple make a difference for your overall health.


In almost any location you visit, you’ll be bound to find a yoga studio, a gym or studio. With apps like ClassPass, it makes it easy to find studios near you!

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Obviously you can skip the dumbbells, but there’s plenty of light equipment you can bring with you. Your best bet is a jump rope. You burn the most calories per minute with jump rope than with any other cardio. Other feather-light options to toss in your suitcase are resistance bands, and in a pinch, water bottles make decent hand weights.


Whether it’s biking around town, walking over taking a cab or going for a hike, I like to stay active. Finding ways to stay active is important. Choosing to walk or bike over taking a cab or metro is great exercise and a great way to explore and see a city. From swimming at the beach or hotel pool to running – the list is endless.

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With online services like Barre3 or Physice57, they allow you to workout virtually anywhere and maintain a practice from where ever. And, of course, there is Instagram! There are so many fitness babes on there to get workouts from. My favorite is Tara Laferrara of @Lafitara!


When we are on vacation or traveling it is even easier to let ourselves give excuses as to why we can’t exercise. This is especially true as we get later in the day; stuff happens, things come up and fun times appear spontaneously.Exercising in the morning will have you feeling unbelievably better about being done with your exercise and ready to move on with the days’ adventures, trust me.

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Tone It Up is the brainchild of best friends Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn — two adorable, super-fit trainers (whom I wish I was friends with), started out filming their workouts on the beaches of Southern California and posting them on YouTube. Today, Tone It Up is a multi-million dollar fitness empire that includes everything from a nutrition plan to workout DVDs, to protein powders, to a reality show on Bravo. Staying fit while traveling with Tone It Up is so simple. You can use the videos on YouTube or Subscribe to their newsletter that includes a monthly workout plan — all for free. The best part is that you can work out in the comfort of your hotel room and use furniture as props.


I’m a big fan of informative and motivating email newsletters. With most of my reading falling under technology, travel, and culture; Mind Body Green is an encouraging resource for health, fitness, and lifestyle content that changes up my regular literary intake. The newsletters offer great advice on diet and nutrition; fitness routines; and lifestyle changes (habit techniques, meditation, and positive thinking). I particularly like this letter because it’s clean and nicely organized, and it’s right to the point which makes for a quick skim when you’ve got a big day of reading, sightseeing and exploring.


When booking your business or holiday accommodation, find out if they have a gym on the premises. Many of the upmarket hotels have a spa and a fully kitted out gym as a standard addition, and you will not have to travel anywhere to fit your exercise regime into your day and keeping fit will be easier than ever, because apart from completely different scenery, you can still keep some of your daily routine intact.


If you are on an extended trip away from your home, stay focused and committed to staying in shape. Try and remember all the hard work that you have put in before you left home and even though you may not be able to continue the high pace of your workouts away from home, try and implement a steady maintenance work out for keeping fit. Take the stairs, avoid the lift, get your taxi to drop you off a few blocks from the office or your hotel and walk the rest of the way. If you are committed, you will find it easier to maintain your focus.

How do you keep fit while traveling?

Yes, You Can Eat Healthy on a Budget. Here Are 8 Ways!


If you’re trying to eat healthily but also looking for ways to stretch your food budget, then you are going to LOVE this post. It’s definitely not impossible to eat healthily, no matter what kind of budget you have. Hey, we all can’t afford goji berries every week, and that’s totally normal and OK! So if you’re wondering how to eat healthy on a budget, keep reading! Here are 8 easy ways to eat healthy on a budget. Note some of these tips and put them into action in your grocery routine this week.


If you have access to a local farm or farmer’s market, then you already have a running start on ways to stretch your food budget. Forget organic for now, and concentrate on buying local. This is one of the best ways to improve the nutrition of your diet and your budget all in one step. And here’s something I just learned from a local grower: though most small farmers can’t afford to be certified by the USDA as “organic,” a lot of them are… just ask!


While buying organic is important for you and the economy, it can be hard to do on a budget. I suggest comparing prices of organic versus conventional at a couple of stores local to you. If organic items are only pennies more, feel free to splurge, but if not it’s okay to consume conventional in a pinch.


While you may have your heart set on budgeting for healthy eating by buying only organic foods, that’s not always necessary. There are plenty of foods that we peel (like avocados, oranges, and bananas) so it’s perfectly safe to eat the non-organic version. It’s important, though, to know which organic foods will get you the most safety for your food budget buck, and these foods, which are clearly unsafe to eat unless they’re organic, are known as the Toxic 12 (or the Dirty Dozen).

They are: apples, celery, bell peppers, strawberries, peaches, grapes (imported), kale (and spinach and lettuce), cucumbers, blueberries, potatoes, nectarines, and green beans.


One of the best ways to stretch your budget further is to consider buying all your vitamins and supplements online, along with some items like protein powder, grains, nuts, seeds, and even superfoods if you can afford them. I like websites such as Vitacost, Amazon,and my personal favorite - Thrive Market, just to name a few. You’ll pay almost 20%-25% less than you will in stores, if not up to 50% less with site sales.


It’s not just sugary cereals and fattening processed foods that make the coupon lists these days — even the healthiest of health foods are showing up in the Sunday circulars.If you really want to save money, be sure you know what days of the week every store near you releases their store sales ad. Even Whole Foods! This will help you plan what you buy from each store, so you can easily wait to buy an item if you know it will be on sale in the next few days. Some stores double or even triple manufacturer coupons, which is definitely a right step in the direction of budgeting for healthy eating!


Frozen fruits, veggies, and leafy greens are all packed with nutrition, so don’t snub them as being inferior. These will help stretch your budget further since many are cheaper per serving and you don’t have to worry about them spoiling before you use them. Frozen spinach, carrots, peas, berries, and veggie mixes are all great places to start.


Most items in a box at the store promise you a host of health benefits that you’ll also pay for. Even healthy, trendy items like quinoa and chia seeds can be pricey and not budget smart. If you’re low on cash, buy from the bulk section and don’t forget that oats and flax work just great with no quinoa or chia needed.


One last tip to consider is that you may have to re-plan your meals to be more budget savvy. Remember, you don’t have to go gourmet in the kitchen when the basics work just fine and taste great too.

These small ways to stretch your food budget further aren’t rocket-science, and I promise anyone can do them, no matter what type of budget you have.

Do you have a tip to stretch your food budget while still eating healthy?

Life-Changing Ways To Practice Self-Love


Last week was filled with lots of LOVE! But let’s talk about self-love for a sec, ‘cause it literally is the key to improving many different components of your life. I believe that the most important relationship is the one that you have with yourself, and I also believe that we attract what we truly need in our lives, so reading this means that you are on your way to having compassion for yourself. The greatest relationship starts with being comfortable with yourself before you can extend outwards to others. Our internal dialogue reacts with every cell in our body, absorbing the energy of our thoughts and ideas. We need to eliminate the cause of our negative internal dialogue, for what we choose to think about life becomes true for us. Nourishing yourself from the inside and out is a form of self-love. Here are my life-changing ways to practice self-love.

1. Eliminate The Negative Internal Dialogue

Our internal dialogue reacts with every cell in our body, absorbing the energy of our thoughts and ideas. We need to remove the cause of our negative internal dialogue because what we choose to think about life becomes real for us. If your mother didn’t know how to love herself, or if your father did not know how to be gentle and kind, there is no way they could have taught you anything different. We are all victims of victims. We can, however, start today to change our mental thought patterns and processes and think more positively. In turn, our body and mind will feel different.

2. Get Intune With Your Present Feelings and Moods

If you have difficulty identifying and putting your finger exactly on what you are feeling, pay close attention to your internal dialogue and notice your inner thoughts at different times throughout the day. What are they expressing to you? Pay attention to your moods too. Write down both your feelings. Are feeling worry, anger, joy, happiness? Feeling irritable, anxious, cheerful? Try doing this several times a day. It's a way to check in with yourself.

3. Be Compassionate With Yourself

Understanding and being gentle with ourselves help us move past the cycles of 'self-hatred' and 'anger.' Self-approval and self-acceptance in the present moment are the keys to positive changes in our future. Being critical of what we do or don’t do ties with the perfectionist in us. Since no one and nothing is perfect, try releasing the past and be willing to forgive. It’s imperative for our own healing that we release the past, let it go and forgive ourselves.

4. Keep Things Light and Playful

Factor some play time into your days. A little bit of playfulness keeps you young at heart and taps into that present moment with a childlike feeling of innocence and joy. If you usually take your dog for a walk, try playing with your dog instead. Sing in the shower, be creative with your pastime and remember to enjoy it without worrying too much about the finished product!

5. Don't Flake Out On Your Own Commitments and Goals

By sticking to your own personal commitments and goals, you are telling yourself that you are worth it. You are loving yourself by demonstrating that you are important enough to keep to your personal commitments and dreams or goals.

6. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

As females, it is inevitable that we compare ourselves with other women. Especially on Instagram. It is one of the hardest things as a woman not to compare ourselves with others, but everyone is unique in their personal expression and talents. You are unlike anyone else – you are you! Appreciate that. If you need to compare yourself to something, think about how you were yesterday or how you were last year.

Sometimes, we need a little reminder! 

How do you practice self-love? Leave a comment here!

 Photo Credit: Instagram, AR Ceramics