Reflecting On Life & Dreaming Bigger

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I have found myself reflecting on life these past few weeks. Maybe this is a 30-something stage in life? As I've been reflecting, I've come to realize (and acknowledge) that my life is greater than I could have ever imagined. And that’s because it is. Even through all the imperfections, or the "I wish, coulda, woulda, done" moments, I wouldn't change anything about it. 

As a Pisces, I've always been a dreamer with my head in the clouds. I've never conformed to the norm, have always taken risks, pushed the limits, and followed my tenacious, curious spirit. 

And almost three years ago, I made a choice to live my life less stifled. To try not just to live; but to live so fully that, my adventures were bursting at the seams, my days felt purpose driven, and my heart felt full. This plan was accurately fulfilled as my husband, and I sold off most of our things, packed a suitcase and left San Francisco to travel the world. There was no plan, no end date. Would we return back to San Francisco? No clue.

Now I’ll admit that this is equal parts cliche and cheesy, but setting that aside for a sec what it meant to me was an intention being set to start fresh. To stop living life complacently and to start taking bigger risks, and to dream even bigger than I could have ever imagined. What happened since has been the most gratifying validation that saying “yes” can change the course of your life. Specifically saying “yes” to yourself.

In July of 2014 when we made the decision to travel, I never would have imagined that our decision to leave the comforts of home, and travel the world would take us to 18 months of continues travel, home-basing is amazing locales, and eventually would bring us to Portland, where we would plant roots and call home. Never would I have imagined that I'd start a new business in a new place, without a network and build connections and friends. 

I’ve never been one for vision boards and scrapbooking memories. I do, however, have a stack of books from The Power of Now and Be Here Now to The Sedona Method and even science-y ones like The Pale Blue Dot and Humankind that I skim or reread through now and then. There is something to be said for setting a goal and putting it out into the universe, so to speak.

I do believe that thoughts become things. My thoughts the past year have been: I miss my family, I see myself having a lifestyle website, I want to see more of the world, I need to find my purpose, I want to make an impact on my community, and I want to be happy--blissfully, fully, unapologetically happy. 

So, here we are half-way through the year. I've kept to my goals and have been working on them hard to fulfill them and maintain a strong bond with those back home in California. Keeping an open mind and saying "yes" to new experiences is something that I continue to do.

Join me in being a dreamer. Your life can be greater than you ever imagined. The most gratifying validation that saying "yes" can change the course of your life. Specifically saying "yes" to yourself.

What are you saying "yes" to today? Comment here!

Valerie Fidan

Valerie is a San Francisco native who gave up the comforts of home to travel the world continuously. Now based in Portland, OR, Valerie is a Social Media Marketing Consultant, helping solo entrepreneurs and small business owners DIY their social media by teaching them the in’s and out’s of SMM. She enjoys health hacking recipes, a good cocktail, yoga, hikes, live shows, puns & dad jokes.