Jillian Michaels' Best Fitness Tips of All Time


Jillian Michael’s, the so-called "toughest trainer in America," has plenty of tips and advice that can help you become the healthiest person you can be. She might not seem like the gentlest person you’ve ever come across, but she is full of health, eating and fitness tips that can aid you drop weight and get in shape. Want to know what she says works the best? I've collected her best tips to get you motivated. Get ready to look and feel great all the time.

Jillian Michaels' Best Fitness Tips of All Time 2

1. "Make it a positive experience."

This might be the smartest thing Jillian has ever said. When you frame things the right way, you change your entire perspective. Not just mentally, but on how you look at getting fit and healthy. Instead of saying you “have to” work out or you “can’t” eat that food, put a positive spin on things. Stay positive Say “I get to run today,” or “I’m choosing not to eat that today.” You'll start to see a healthy, lifestyle change quickly. Easy, right?

2. "Have an Orange Every Single Day."

Luckily, oranges taste good and are easy to find year-round, so this shouldn’t be a problem for you. According to Jillian, the vitamin C in oranges helps block cortisol production, which is a hormone that leads to fat storage within your body. Any citrus will do, so mix it up with grapefruit, lemons and limes if you want to.

3. "Drink more water."

Like every single trainer and fitness motivator out there, this is something that Jillian tells many of her clients because it works. Staying hydrated helps keep your body from tricking you into thinking you’re hungry when you’re just thirsty. Getting plenty of water also boosts metabolism, which helps you burn calories and stay fit and trim. Get yourself a cute water bottle and take it with you everywhere you go. Just be sure to wash it regularly to kill germs and bacteria.

4. "Allow Yourself to eat out."

The great thing about Jillian is that she would never tell you that you have to give up the things you love. Yes, you can certainly go out to eat if you are trying to get healthy, but you have to do so with caution. Jillian suggests looking online and making a healthy choice before you get to the restaurant, then ask for substitutions as needed to ensure that your meal is healthy and in line with your goals.

5. "Go to bed."

Sometimes the best way to end a tough day is just to call it quits and go to bed. Turns out that getting enough sleep is vital if you want to stay slim and healthy. Being too tired increases the amount of hormones that drive hunger. So not getting enough shut-eye can lead you to overeat and make poor health decisions during the day. Jillian tries to get at least 8 hours every night and suggests you do, too.

6. "Change Things up Often."

If you do the same workout all the time, you will get bored, which can lead to throwing in the towel and giving up your health goals. However, mixing things up from time to time keeps exercise exciting and challenges your body in new ways. She also suggests targeting more than one muscle group at a time so you can shorten your workouts but rev the benefits.

7. "Follow the 80/20 Rule when It Comes to Eating."

This rule says to eat great 80 percent of the time and allow yourself to indulge 20 percent of the time. Depriving yourself only leads to binge eating. Letting yourself have a treat now and then is an excellent way to stay on track and still enjoy your favorites.

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