Brain Dump 101

Does your mind bounce between things you have to do, and things you "think" you should be doing? And, let me guess you're a bit overwhelmed with hundreds of new ideas, but no time to implement any them all? Ugh. Meeeee too.

The thing is, our brains aren't wired to hold onto multiple strings of information at one time. It's like your internet browser with 30 different tabs open… (and I am totally guilty of having a lot of tabs open.) You can't concentrate, because you're constantly flitting from tab to tab, never accomplishing anything of true significance.

A way to untangle your mind is through "Brain Dump."  What? A brain dump is exactly what it sounds like—an opportunity to get everything out of your brain and onto paper. The header you need to create, blog pages you need to revise, grocery list, scheduling an appointment... all those random thoughts that create mental clutter. You not only create room in your head but you process and organize exactly what you need to do moving forward.

Brain-dumping is merely creating a list of unconnected thoughts on a page. I tend to do this every single morning. A million miles a minute is exactly how my brain works too, and I'm sure you can relate to this as well. The process is simple. I like to make a list of bullet points, then write an idea/thought or sentence next to each one. If I have more to say regarding a specific bullet, I keep writing. If I have something to add a little later down the page, I will draw an arrow back to the original thought.

I've discovered that this has helped me with staying productive and getting things done -- once you’ve emptied your brain of this extra mind clutter, you make room for new ideas and thoughts to take root.  If you're the type of person that has more thoughts entering your mind in the evening, I suggest brain dumping at night, and revisiting it in the morning. 

Do you practice brain dumping? What other productivity tips work for you? Share with me here - @valeriefidan!