12 Essential Fall Soups to Warm You Up

fall soups to warm you upI love Fall and all of the warm, hearty foods that the season bring, especially soups, stews and chowders. From creamy butternut squash to spicy tom yum, these soups bring on the flavor. Here are 12 essential Fall soups to keep you warm during the crisp months.

Check out 15 Essential Fall Soups to Warm You Up

by valerie fidan at Foodie.com

1. Miso Soup with Rice & Poached Egg (The Kitchen) 2. Gingery Carrot Stew With Peanuts and Cilanto (ConnoisseurusVeg) 3. Chicken Tortilla Soup (Hungry Kitchen) 4. Quick Beef Pho (Paleo) (Everyday Maven) 5. Black Bean Soup (The Salty Tomato) 6. Tom Yum Soup (Rasa Malaysia) 7. Roasted Fennel Eggplant and Onion Soup (Easting In Instead) 8. Purple Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Soup (Family Spice) 9. Roasted Butternut Squash Soup (Paleo) (Paleo Grubs) 10. Fresh Clam Chowder (The Kitchen) 11. Carnitas Caldo (Pork Stew) (Gimme Some Oven) 12. Italian Wedding Soup (Rachel Schultz)

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These Are 5 Mouth-Watering Fennel Fall Recipes

You've seen it before, at the supermarket or the farmers' market; it's white, bulbous with green stems and has frilly dill-like fronds. It's fennel. Fennel is a wonderful vegetable with a sweet, anise or licorice flavor that's strongest when it's raw, but much more mellow when it's cooked. It's a great vegetable for Fall cooking. Here are 5 mouth-watering recipes what will have you loving this vegetable.

Fig & Fennel Salad

Source: Bitchin Camero

Bitchin Camero's Fig & Fennel Salad is a great combination of flavors. With five simple ingredients and a hot pan, this meal is ready in no time.

Fennel Buckwheat Crepes: Brussels Sprouts & Shiitake, Fennel Mornay Sauce

Source: Princess Tofu

This Fennel Buckwheat Crepes: Brussels Sprouts & Shiitake, Fennel Mornay Sauce from Princess Tofu is gluten-free and oh-so-delicious. It features a fennel mornay sauce, which pairs well with the brussels sprouts and baby shiitake mushrooms. Eat this for breakfast or even for dinner.

Blackened Tilapia with Fennel Slaw

Source: The Roasted Root

Is you mouth watering yet? This beautiful Blackened Tilapia with Fennel Slaw The Roasted Root makes for a perfect supper. The scrumptious combination will leave you asking for seconds.

Fennel, Eggplant, and White Bean Soup

Source: Eating In Instead

Thing scream Fall than a nice warm and hearty soup. That's why I think you'll love this soup from Eating In Instead -- Fennel, Eggplant, and White Bean Soup. The flavors of the eggplant and fennel take center stage and the garlic and cumin give a warm, flavorful boost. This hearty soup will keep you warm this week.

Swiss Casserole with Bread and Cheese & Oven-Roasted Young Fennel

Source: http://foodviewberlin.com/2014/05/07/markthalle-neun-swiss-casserole-schweizer-brotauflauf/">Food With A View

This Swiss Casserole with cheese, bread & white wine, along with oven-baked fennel from Food With A View is a must try. And, if you have a gluten intolerance, just opt for gluten-free bread. The baked fennel is simply prepared with olive oil, salt and pepper.

What are your favorite fennel recipes?