5 Things to Keep You Healthy At Work

If you work in an office job and sit all day, I’m sure you know all too well how hard it can be to stay healthy. Between the long hours, the vending machine, uncomfortable chairs and bright fluorescent lights, it can sometimes be a struggle to keep on track and feel like you are living a healthy and fit lifestyle. So here are some ways to stay healthy in an office job... no standing desk required!


Up Your Water Intake

Just because you sit all day doesn’t mean your body doesn’t need to be adequately hydrated. If you tend to feel lazy/tired towards the end of the day, this can be a sign of dehydration. Dehydration can also cause headaches and fatigue, so make sure you have a full bottle of water on your desk and always refill it as soon as it gets empty.

Keep Healthy Snacks In Your Drawers

When it comes to the 3 pm snack attack, it can be super tempting to stick your hand in that communal cookie jar or buy something that isn't the best out of the vending machine. Not only can snacking on processed foods create a spike in your blood sugar levels, but they leave you craving more. That one cookie can turn into five before we know it. Instead, try filling your drawers with healthy snacks. Some examples are zip-lock bags filled with nuts and seeds, cut up veggie sticks with hummus, different tea varieties, and plain popcorn.

Get Moving Every Hour

Whether you are super busy or don’t have time for a lunch break, the very least you can do is move at least once an hour. If you think about how much you sit every day, this can seriously impact the amount of exercise we get in each week. Set an alarm on your phone or computer and make a conscious effort to move each hour. This can literally be something as simple as filling up your drink bottle, going to the bathroom or doing a lap of the office.

Use Your Lunch Break To Go For a Walk

Even if you only have a short lunch break, take 5-10 minutes of this to go for a quick walk. Moving around every hour can be especially helpful if you have eaten a heavy lunch and are feeling a little sluggish. Walking can help to stimulate digestion, get your step count up for the day and also leave you feeling refreshed. If you don’t have time for a walk around the block, make the effort to at least walk up and down a few flights of stairs or walk around the office. Every step counts!

Plan Your Meals

Planning what you’re going to have for breakfast, lunch or dinner takes the guesswork out of an already stressful day, and can also save you from making bad diet decisions when your hunger turns hangry (hungry + angry). What I try to do is take a little bit of time on Sundays to go over my schedule for the week, make a trip to the grocery store, and prep as many of my meals as possible. Also, bringing your own food to work or cooking at home can save lots of money, which is an added bonus. If you plan out your week—including your meals—ahead of time, you’ll find it easier to stay on track.

Do you have any tips or tricks to add to the list?