Bounce Back From an Indulgent Weekend

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We have all been there where we've had a wild weekend of indulgence and excess, and then you wake up feeling guilty about it on Monday morning. Whether you had a weekend trip away, a birthday, or simply dropped to your friend’s pleas to go out with them, Monday morning’s aren’t always the fresh start to the week we had hoped for. Binge eating, drinking and no exercise can leave us feeling sluggish and guilty, so what are the best things to do? Here are my arsenal tips to get you back on track.

1. Don't Go on a Juice Cleanse

Ah! Juice cleanses. I've been guilty of these in the past, and I'm sure you have too. This might seem like a genius idea, but it's not. These are marketed as a ‘quick fix’ that will "cleanse" and "detox" your body. You can't detox your body any more than it already does itself. What this means is that your liver already does an excellent job of cleansing your body. There is very little that you can do to help this with external sources. Juices are great to add to your daily meals for an added nutrient boost, but remember to keep the ingredients nutritious. Think lots of dark leafy greens and vegetables.

2. Drink Lots of Water

After a weekend of indulging, aim to drink plenty of water because eating excess salt and sugar over the course of the weekend may have left you a bit dehydrated and that feeling of being hungover in a sense. The first thing you should do when you wake up on Monday morning is to drink a large glass of water. Add some fresh lemon to make it taste better and to help stimulate your digestion. Have water with every meal and try to keep a water bottle with you, so that you can refill as soon as it becomes empty.

3. Don't Skip Meals

It might seem tempting to go a day without eating because you feel like you compensated enough during the weekend. This is one of the worst things you can do to your body. Skipping meals will only going to throw your body further out of balance by potentially slowing down your metabolism and activating stress hormones. These processes could cause your body to store excess fat.

4. Make Breakfast Your Bestie

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, especially true after a weekend of not eating great. Instead of opting for something that will make you feel heavy, try incorporating some protein and fibre into this meal so that can keep you going throughout the day.

5. Keep It Moving with Exercise

I know this isn’t what many of you want to be hearing. It's super important to jump straight back into your exercise routine after a wild weekend. Why? Because the longer you leave it and put it off, the harder it will be to get back into your routine. Sure, you might be feeling a little sluggish and moving a little slower than usual, but just think of how good you feel will after with all your endorphins pumping. You also don’t need to do anything strenuous like an intensive plyo circuit or boxing class. Keep it simple by going for a light walk or yoga. Any kind of exercise can help you feel better and get your body back on track again.

6. Keep Lunch Smart

Stick to some form of protein and leafy greens. You can also add in some complex carbohydrates, but stay away from refined ones as they can cause your blood sugar levels to spike. Think quinoa, brown rice, sweet potatoes and whole grain breads. It is important to eat wholesome meals made with clean ingredients.

7. Add Fibre Into The Mix

When you’ve had a weekend full of bad eating, incorporating as much fibre like fruits, vegetables, and complex carbs. These foods can help you get your digestion back on track and help keep you full in between meals.

Don't beat yourself up for having an indulgent weekend. This is part of life and what’s life if you can’t enjoy it? Just remember to take care of your body and it will reward you.