The Best Gifts For Your Foodie Pal


‘Tis the season for giving! With Christmas right around the corner, you might be doing last minute shopping. I've curated some of the best gifts for your favorite Foodie, that can all be found online and mailed right to your pal's door. I love showering my girls with a little extra love during the holiday season. There’s nothing better than seeing a friend’s face light up when you give her the PERFECT present.

CRAVINGS For The Hungry Babe


Ok, by now, you know how much I'm obsessed with Chrissy Teigen and her new cookbook. Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat is one of those books that all of your girlfriends should have. Your pals will love browsing the photos within the book. She's hanging out with her hubs, John Legend, stuffing her face full of insanely delicious food, casual banter, yet still looking flawless. This cookbook feels like you're catching up with your closest girlfriends over a down right amazing meal.

($17, Amazon)

BKR for the Trendy Foodie

lets_regale_foodie_gift_guide_3 This is one super cute water bottle your foodie pal will love. This bkr 500mL glass water bottle featuring a colorful BPA-Free Silicone Sleeve is the cutest gift to give. Pick from various colors to keep your trendy foodie friend hydrated!

($35, Amazon

SaladPower For The Juice Lover


Gift your foodie pal some SaladPower! It's some of the tastiest and cleanest vegetable juices out there. The Variety Pack Juice comes with 12 juices, 3 of each of the four flavors. My personal fav is the Pineapple. During these cold winter months, a sip of that transports me to a beach place.

(SaladPower Variety Pack Juice (Pack of 12); $60, Amazon) or Use promo code 7VEGGIES at checkout for a discount on your order on both Amazon and

Use promo code 7VEGGIES at checkout for a discount on your order on both Amazon and

Gorgeous Sustainable Pitcher For Your Minimalistic Friend

lets_regale_foodie_gift_guide_5 Ok, every trendy kitchen needs a Soma Waterpitcher! This is one gorgeous sustainable pitcher that is also uses a plant-based water filter. This is perfect for the friend that is all about design and sustainability. I've got one in my kitchen that I've been using for years, and I LOVE it!!

($35, Amazon)

A Pop Of Color for The Cooking Pal


Your girlfriend is going to love these Now Designs Bamboo Utensils because they bring a pop of color to her normal cooking routin. This Multi-Color set of 5 is the perfect cooking gift!


Graze Box for the Snack Queen


If there is one thing I love, it's snacks. So, if you've got a gal pal that is the snack queen, Graze box might just be the PERFECT gift for her. This monthly subscription box lets you try different snacks to fit your preference. By using the promo code: N5QR7M9RU, you'll get a free box for yourself!! Pretty awesome, right?

($12, Graze)

Be My Guest For The Hostess

lets_regale_foodie_gift_guide For your girlfriends who loves to host dinner parties, she’s going to LOVE these handcrafted serving spoons from World Market. They are stamped by hand with sweet sayings like “Be My Guest” and “I’ll Take Seconds.” Yes, please!

($26 for set of 2,

Healthy Foodie Snacks


I just found the most delicious snacks through NatureBox! And, I'm pretty sure your healthy foodie gal pal will love these too! Plus, when you sign up using this post, you'll get $20 free to use on your very own snack box! You get a gift, and your friend gets one too. Not bad, right!?

($20, NatureBox)