6 Ingredient Broccoli Soup


It’s cold, rainy and foggy out. Perfect soup weather.

Last night I was craving Broccoli Soup, a long time favorite. Typically this a heavy, cream based soup which typically requires the use of heavy whipping cream as a base, which lends the creamy texture to the soup as well as its warm, hearty, and balancing flavor, contains as much as an astonishing 800 calories per 8 ounce cup (yikes!).

Of course being a Californian, I was up for the challenge of creating my own adaption. I’m all about the whole California cuisine movement, a style of cuisine marked by an interest in fusion cuisine (integrating disparate cooking styles and ingredients) and in the use of freshly prepared local ingredients.

Typically, low calorie “healthy” versions of this soup require substituting the regular calories for low calorie alternatives. Trading the butter, flour, and milk for alternative thickeners by using several teaspoons of cornstarch added to fat-free evaporated milk to achieve a similar consistency somewhat altering the flavor and can often be improved by adding a chicken bouillon cube to the simmering broth. Not my adaption.

My take on Broccoli soup was achieved in 6 simple ingredients (well 7 if you count the water). This recipe makes 4 servings, totaling to approximately 343 calories the entire recipe and 85.75 calories per serving (I guestemated using Calorie Count). Not bad!


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