15 Mouthwatering Sunday Dinners for Spring

 Image courtesy of Two Peas and Their Pod One of my favorite seasons is Spring time. It's the start of the warm weather months, flower blooming, and new garden fare. Growing up in California, Spring time was the start of BBQ season. I have fond memories of Sunday dinner at my maternal grandparents' home. My mom is the youngest of 7; Sunday dinners weren't your traditional sit downs. It consisted more of everyone grabbing a seat where they could, socializing, laughing and spending the day with family. Every Sunday seemed like a celebration. Thinking of this, inspired this post.

This collection of 15 mouthwatering Sunday Dinner for Spring menu features fresh, seasonal ingredients, including shrimp, cauliflower, mushrooms, swiss card, eggplant, avocado, and scallops. In addition to a beautiful green salad and kelp noodle pad thai, there are many more mouthwatering dishes to choose from. These dishes are easy to make, and can be enjoyed by anyone in the family.

After all, Let's Regale is a intended to inspire you to get in the kitchen, and to sit down and enjoy a meal cooked, with the ones you love. Because what is more than the food itself, is the love behind it.

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