Cardamom Collagen Marshmallows S'mores Without The Mess

Cardamom Collagen Marshmallow S'mores

Who doesn't love a good s'mores? Gooey deliciousness with melted chocolate makes for a  great Summer nighttime campfire treat.

S'mores are usually made by the campfire. Marshmallows are roasted over the fire until they're gooey. Then placed in between graham crackers with pieces of a chocolate candy bar are used to sandwich the gooey roasted marshmallow.

But, s'mores can be messy!

I totally love s'mores, but I hate the messes they create. Here's a great s'mores recipe that combines all the delicious ingredients of s'mores, but without the time-consuming cleanup... or campfire!

Cardamom Collagen Marshmallow S'mores
Cardamom Collagen Marshmallow S'mores
Cardamom Collagen Marshmallow S'mores

What You'll Need

12 Cardamom Collagen Marshmallows
12 Pamela's Products Cinnamon Grahams 
12 tbsp Wild Friends Chocolate Peanut Butter

What You'll Need To Know

You'll need to make Cardamom Collagen Marshmallows for this recipe.

Take 6 Cinnamon Grahams and top with a Cardamom Collagen Marshmallow and top with 1 tbsp melted Wild Friends Chocolate Peanut Butter.  

Recipe makes 12.