Cashew Butter Protein Bites

Woah! These Cashew Butter Protein Bites are SO good! They pack a lot of fiber, protein, and healthy fats into these delicious no-bake Cashew Butter Protein Bites. Take along a few of these protein balls when you need a quick snack, and you’ll be surprised by how well these snacks stop hunger and boost energy levels. Plus, the healthy fats also make these no-bake protein bites filling. 


What You'll Need

1-16 oz jar cashew butter
2 scoops MRM veggie elite protein (vanilla)
3/4 cups gluten free oat bran
3/4 cups almond meal
1/4 coconut shavings
1/8 cup chia seeds
2 tbsp honey
1 tsp maca
2 tbsp cacao nibs

What You’ll Need To Know

Combine everything in a bowl and mix together folding in the mixture until everything is mixed really well. 

Form mixture into 1" bite-size balls and roll in extra coconut shavings.

Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

I will note, these do get a little messy, so dust your hands with coconut flour or starch while forming the bites. 

Recipe makes 17-18

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These Energy Balls Are The Tastiest Way To Give Your Body A Boost

I’m always on the hunt for a delicious protein or bliss ball recipes that require zero baking 'cause lawrddddd save me... I can't bake to save my life! 

Bliss balls.

Energy balls.

Protein balls.

They are all pretty much the same and make the perfect snack on-the-go. When done right, they offer a satiating combination of protein, carbs, and fats, plus they're totally customizable and portable. 

Pair one or two with a piece of fruit before or after a workout to save yourself the money and long ingredient lists of store-bought bars and bites. Here are 6 recipes I'm currently loving that are the easiest and tastiest way to give your body a boost.

Matcha Pistachio Bliss Balls

These Matcha Pistachio Bliss Balls delicious treats from @downshiftology are a great way to work in one of the best teas for weight loss into your diet. The earthy tones of the matcha powder and nutty flavor of the pistachios compliment each other so perfect!

Almond Coconut Protein Balls

A perfect mix of almonds and coconut and a boost of protein powder, these Almond Coconut Protein Balls from @Blonde.Health are delish! 

Chocolate Sunbutter Superfood Balls

These Chocolate Sunbutter Superfood Balls from @RachaelsGoodEats are like eating fudge, but way better for you! These tasty bites have almonds, hemp seeds, and ground flaxseed to keep you satiated and collagen peptides for a boost for bone and joint health.

Carrot Cake Bliss Balls

Craving a good ol' slice of carrot cake but would rather skip out on the belly roll? Look no further, these Carrot Cake Bliss Balls from @AnaGoesFit pack a ton of flavor but without all the unnecessary sugar and not-so-go-for-you ingredients. 

Brownie Fat Bombs

The classic, chocolatey goodness of your favorite candy bar—but none of the belly fat-inducing consequences. Don't let the name full you, these Brownie Fat Bombs from @RealFoodGypsy are rolled up in a ton of good-for-you ingredients. 

Cashew Coconut Carrot Cake Bites

These Cashew Coconut Carrot Bites from @Twist_of_Lemons come with all of the coconutty, carrotty taste you love! And, they are pretty darn amazing. You'll love that they only have 9 simple ingredients and will satisfy your slice of cake craving.