LOL 003: Talking Sports Nutrition, Macros, and Supplements with Katie Graham

This episode was previously recorded under Fit Life PDX.

In this episode, we chat with Katie Graham, co-owner of Nutritshop in Hillsboro, OR. Katie is a certified nutritionist and expert in fitness. We talk about all things sports nutrition, macros, and supplements for females.

Show Notes

What got Katie into nutrition [01:47]

Balanced macros and why they are so important to a fitness diet

Meals: What you should eat before and after a workout? [3:52]

Macros and how much for protein, carbs, and fat [4:00]

Fat and grams in an avocado [4:31]

Carbs and what type of carbs you need throughout your day [6:00]

What supplements should I have before, during and after a training session? [8:00]

Talk BCAA, Glutamate, and Protein
Beta Ball [8:13]

Where you source your supplements is important [13:00]

Difference Between an Isolate and a blend [20:52]

Collagen supplementation [23:00]

Types of Collagen supplementation and what you need [24:00]

Keto, Bulletproof Diet, and sports nutrition [25:47]

PCOS and high-fat diet [28:20]

Bulletproof Diet and BulletproodCoffee [30:00]

Chocolate Mint Protein Coffee [32:37]

InBodies for tracking full body composition  [33:00]

IF and how to incorporate [37:34]

HMB and BCAAs important to take while practicing IF [40:37]

Women and supplementation [42:00]

Carolynn’s favorite PM supplements — LEUTOR-PM™ is an advanced nighttime formula containing ActiveTR™time-released L-Leucine), GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) and other sought after nighttime ingredients. [44:25]

For more information or to plan a visit to Nutrishop, visit them at or Instagram, @NutritshopHillsoro.

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Podcast Created by:  Valerie Fidan
Podcast Hosted by:  Valerie Fidan and Carolynn Koznarsky
Recorded on location at Megaburn Fitness - Hillsboro, OR
Editing & Mixing by: Valerie Fidan
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