5 Travel Hacks To Reduce the Jet Lag That Work


Sun, sand, jungle, and surf. I'm getting excited for my next trip to Costa Rica in just a couple of weeks. As I'm getting ready for my trip, I am excited that I won't have to deal with a drastic time change. It reminded me of the various tips I've compiled over the years from my own personal trial and error on combating jet lag. 5 TRAVEL HACKS TO REDUCE THE JET LAG THAT WORK

What is jet lag exactly? Jet lag is caused by traveling across different time zones. Jet lag occurs when your body clock is out of sync. I'm usually not affected by jet lag, nor had I experienced what jet lag really was until Gregg and I traveled to Europe in 2010. Arrived into Amsterdam, I was fatigued, sleepy, impaired judgment, irritable; I felt like my mind was in a fog. Nothing I had ever felt before. Gregg and I tried to fight off sleep as we wandered around the streets of Amsterdam, had lunch, and wham! It hit us like a ton of bricks. We stumbled back to our hotel and headed to bed. Big mistake. It took us almost a week to adjust.