How to WIN at Airline Security. These 10 Tips Will Make Your Life Easier.

Long are the days of breezing through airline security. From the airplane hijackings in the 70's to the shoe bomber and 9/11, airport security has beefed up. In exchange for keeping the friendly skies safe, us travellers have had to sacrifice some of our privacy and a lot of our time. HOW TO WIN AT AIRPORT SECUIRTY

Air travel has become a process from the daunting tasks of booking travel and packing to the long waits in airport security. My recent flight from San Francisco to Charlotte it was a reminder that to get through airport security, one must understand airport procedures; then, you should do what you can to maximize your own efficiency. Here's how.

1. Don't get behind families (especially with young children) in security checkpoint lines.

Get behind the businessman, the stereotypical Asian travelers, or the old tourists that look like they've traveled the world. Those people know how to get through the line more efficiently.

2. While waiting in security, take everything out of your pockets and put it in your carry-on bag.

Don't use the little dishes, as they tend to flip over in the x-Ray machine, and you'll lose things. I failed to follow my own advice, but only because I was travelling with my two dogs -- I placed my ID in the tray and ended up losing it as the tray flipped over. Good thing the TSA agent found it under the conveyor.

3. Your person is now clear of objects, time to talk shoes.

Wear slip-on shoes that can be removed quickly and easily. (Please, do yourself and other travellers a favor and avoid wearing boots.)

4. Wear socks with no holes. Wear socks, bare footing it through security is gross. No explanation needed.

5. Keep all your toiletries in your check-in luggage, if possible.