Turkey's Manavgat Waterfall


[Manavgat Waterfall in Side, Turkey]

On our way to Alanya, we stopped in Manavgat. The city is between the Taurus Mountains and the beaches by the Mediterranean. Manavgat is an important rural region for Turkey and the Manavgat River is used for agriculture. Along the river, two hydroelectric power stations have been built, along with water dams and the Manavgat waterfall, which is well-known in Turkey.

The Manavgat Waterfalls are a milky white, foaming water rushing powerfully over the rocks on the Manavgat River. The waterfall itself is situated a few kilometres north of the city Manavgat. The waterfall is not more than a couple of metres high; it is as wide as the whole river itself and is an impressive sight because it is flooding with such a tremendously amount of water from the fall.

The waterfall is surrounded by gardens, where you can sit and relish the incredibly beautiful waterfall. Gregg and I decided to sit at one of the restaurants alongside the falls. After a long day in the blistering heat, the shady terrace of the restaurant made the falls a pleasant, serene resting spot. Gregg enjoyed a donar and fries, while I had a refreshing Orange Fanta.

A day trip along the Manavgat River is truly recommended.