Travel Bag Essentials

When it comes to packing, I like to think of myself as a pro packer. And, when it comes to my carry on or travel/day bag, I tend to keep it light as well, with only carrying my true essentials. Many of you have asked what's in my travel bag? Well, here they are! I'm sharing with you my top essential items that re in my travel bag. These essentials range from electronics and gadgets to sunscreen and accessories.

travel bag essentials 1. REI Agility Pack. I love this backpack. It's bright, light and uber comfortable; most importantly, it holds all of my items and I have even stuffed my black Gucci purse in here, too.

2. bkr Glass Water Bottle. Travelling with a water bottle is smart. You can refill it anywhere - especially at the airport. I love bkr's ubbly glass water bottle that features a soft silicone sleeve in an array of vibrant colors. You can purchase a bkr water bottle here.

3. Sharper Image Travel Pillow. This is a godsend on long flights. But of course if I'm touring and exploring a city during the day, I'll leave this behind in my room.

4. Eye mask. This is an essential while travellig; but of course if I'm touring and exploring a city during the day, I'll leave this behind in my room. You can purchase this super cute lace eye mask ok Etsy.

5. BunOut Sun Screen. You should always wear sunscreen. BurnOut Eco-sensitive Zinc Oxide Sunscreen is oil free, chemical-free, paraben-free, petroleum-free, fragrance-free, eco-sensitive, ocean safe, and biodegradable. It is available online and also at Whole Foods (where I bought mine).

6. Basic make-up. I don't wear a ton of make up. My make up bag tends to have the bare essentials: eye shadow pallet, blush, mascara, concealer, gloss and brushes. Some of my favorite products are the Naked2 Basics is so versatile for daily use - and can be used from day to night. For blush, I switch between the Naked Flushed (pictured) and NARS Cosmetics Orgasm -- it's a perfect all in one blush and bronzer. And, of course I always have mascara - it just helps brighten your eyes and look more awake.

7. Veja Wallet. This is an obvious. I love this envelope wallet by Veja because it holds all of my cash, cards, passport and phone. It also doubles as a chic clutch.

8. Cloche Hat. French for bell, the cloche was made popular in the 1920s and is synonymous with elegance and sophistication for its close-fitting, asymmetrical shape and simple unembellished lines. I love this style hat since it's east to travel with and adds a touch of girliesness to any outfit. You can purchase a similar one here.

9. Sunnies. Packing a pair of sunnies is essential for any type of travel to protect your eyes, add style to your look, and save your life early mornings after a late night out or a horrid red eye. Choose a neutral pair and they will go with everything you’ve packed. I tend to pack two pairs: Chanel Cat Eye (pictured above) and Ray-Ban Wayfarer.

10. Scarf. Packing a scarf is an essential you should be packing. A square or rectangular scarf is, arguably, the most versatile item you’ll have in your luggage or pack. It works as a fashion accessory, makeshift set of sleeves or cover up for temples or conservative areas, an emergency towel, a top, headband or bandana for bad hair days, and a turban to protect you from the sun.

11. Evian Facial Spray Keep your cool and face hydrated by packing an Evian Spray in your bag. The 1.7 fl. oz. travel size mist sets make-up, removes perspiration, and even rehydrates your skin mid-flight or in dry climate places.

travel bag essentials

12. Camera. I use a Canon PowerShot SX1O IS  (nothing fancy!), and [as of recently] a Fujifilm X-E1 with a 18-55mm Lens (Black)

13. GoPro. The GoPro is perfect for underwater video recordings and taking wide angle shots. I used mine for the first time during my Galapagos trip - I must say this was one of the best purchases ever.

14. GoPro Arm Extender. Along with the GoPro, utilizing an arm extender is a great accessory to have. This is great for not only selfies but getting wide angle shots. ATian(TM) Chest Harness & Head Strap Mount & Monopod Tripod Adapter is a great packaged set of GoPro accesses that is worth purchasing...and you can't beat the price at less than $25.

15. EZOPower 4-Port USB Wall Charger Travel Kit. The EZOPower 4-Port USB Wall Charger Travel Kit with Interchangeable Plugs is probably my favorite gadget for...well...gadgets.It's compatable with US, UK, EU, AU plugs and eliminates the need for multiple wall chargers and outlets.

16. iPhone. Smartphones can be a great essential bring along with you. You can use apps like Google Maps to help navigate through a city or FourSquare for local insider tips on wifi passwords and such. By turning on the WiFi setting, you can access the internet to check email, the weather and post on Instagram. If you're traveling out of the country, DO make sure to turn your turn off your cellular data to avoid roaming fees.

17. iPad. I can never travel without my tablet. Before traveling anywhere I always load it up with ebooks, emagazines, and videos.

18. MacBook Pro. This one self explanatory. If you're on the go as a digital nomad or travel for work, a laptop is essential.

19. Moleskin. I love carrying a Moleskine classic notebook, which is great for taking down notes, journaling, etc.

What are your essentials? Share them with us!