Insider's Guide: Where to Find the BEST Bloody Mary's in Asheville, NC


A loaded Bloody Mary is every bruncher's dream come true. This is especially true if you're curing a hangover of the night before. Snacking on all of the extra fixings while you wait for your actual meal to arrive is a necessity. It’s almost lunch. You didn’t eat breakfast. And you're hungry. Brunch is a serious matter in Asheville, and brunch would be incomplete without a Bloody Mary. Here are 8 of the best Bloody Mary's in town.

The Southern's Bloody Mary Baron Sunday's.
The Southern's Bloody Mary Baron Sunday's.

1. The Southern

You can't beat the Bloody Mary Bar at The Southern in downtown Asheville. For $5 you'll get your liquor-base of choice (vodka, tequila or beer), awesome fixings, great music, and an outdoor patio. The only problem? The Bloody Mary bar is only on offered on Sundays, starting at noon. (Hey, sometimes you want a Bloody Mary on a Wednesday, know what I mean?) The Southern, 41 N Lexington Ave, Asheville, 828-251-1777;

2. The Junction

Sunday brunch at the Junction is a must. And, if you do decide to have brunch there, you have to try the Bloody Mary. It's made from organic tomato-vegetable juice, mixed with their secret recipe of seasonings, Luksusowa Vodka, FireWalker Hot Sauce and plenty of kick in the best you'll ever taste. (That's a bold statement, and I'm sticking to it!) The Junction, 348 Depot St., Asheville, 828-225-3497;

Bacon anyone?
Bacon anyone?

3. Luella's BBQ

Luella's has a great BLT Bloody Mary. I think it would qualify as deliciously over the top. As the name implies, yes, you're going to get a piece of crisped to perfection bacon. Luella’s Bar-B-Que, 501 Merrimon Ave., Asheville, 828-505-7427

4. Posana

At Posana, their version of the perfect Bloody Mary consists of a house-infused pepper vodka and house mix. It almost has a taste of Sriracha. Posana, 1 Biltmore Ave., Asheville, 828-505-3969;

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5. Carmel's Kitchen & Bar

Absolute Peppar vodka, house recipe mary mix, smoky-maple fire pickle garnish are what make up the Bloody Mary's at Carmel's Kitchen. Carmel's Kitchen & Bar, Grove Arcade 1 Page Ave., Asheville;

6. The Barleycorn

That Bloody Mary with the celery salt rim? Kapow! The Smokehouse Bloody Mary at Barleycorn is full of flavor and will have your mouth watering with joy. The Barleycorn, Asheville; 828-774-5598;

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Posana's spicy version.
Posana's spicy version.

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Carmel's version
Carmel's version

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7. Mayfel's

Yet another Bloody Mary bar. (Yasss!) What's not to love about making your Bloody Mary creation? Dress it up as much (or as little) with the fixings and spices. Mayfel’s, 22 College St, Asheville; 828-252-8840;

8. Tupelo's

Garnished with Okra? Yep! Because it wouldn't be the south without Okra. The Bloody Mary's at Tupelo are delicious and popping with flavor. And if a classic BM isn't enough...they also offer a Queen Mary, which is garnished with all the Bloody Mary fixings and a shrimp. Tupelo Honey Cafe, 12 College St., Asheville; 828-255-4863;

And, of course, there is a handful of other places around town serving up their versions of the best Bloody Mary's in town. These 8 just happened to be standouts.

Have you found the best Bloody Mary's in Asheville? Share it below!