My Effortless Trick To Live The Life You Deserve

"...I would rather drink the ocean, again and again—celebrate being madly alive..."
Janne Robinson 
how to live a better life

I don’t know all the secrets on how to have a better life, but I definitely would love to offer some advice. I see a lot of people who are down and out. They’re strung out, disappointed, feel helpless and stagnant in life. But instead of feeling sorry for yourself, ask yourself... What makes you feel alive?

For me, it's travel. There is something so exciting and exhilarating about travel, being in a new place, in a new environment, and feeling ALIVE. Because of that, I fill my life with plenty of it, near or far places.

It’s no secret that travel is a guaranteed way to discover yourself and make you happier. However, traveling is costly and not financially possible for everyone. Even if you can’t jet off to Europe or bask under the sun on the British Virgin Islands, there is still hope for you. Taking the family to the nearest large city is a great idea for a vacation. And vice versa, if you live in or near a major city drive a few hours outside of the city to a secluded little town. Even taking a day to staycation helps to recharge. Getting away for a few days lets your mind and body recuperate and take a break from life. 

But, maybe travel isn't what makes you feel alive... 

One guaranteed way to answer the question how to have a better life is to smile! It's seriously that simple.

Have you ever heard of the theory of what you put into the world is what you get back? In other words, if you put out negative vibes, you’ll be greeted with negativity at every turn. Create the change you want in your life by being positive, cheery, and happy -- if it’s not what you’re feeling on the inside.

I am naturally a happy person that is always smiling. I can't tell you how many times, people have told me that my smile is contagious... and guess what, yours is as well! Soon enough, you’ll see the people around you change for the better and what you’re projecting on the outside will translate to lighter emotions on the inside.

Now that you know my effortless trick to living a better life, I want to know... what makes you feel alive? Share it with me on Instagram - @valereifidan!

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Valerie Fidan

Valerie is a San Francisco native who gave up the comforts of home to travel the world continuously. Now based in Portland, OR, Valerie is a Social Media Marketing Consultant, helping solo entrepreneurs and small business owners DIY their social media by teaching them the in’s and out’s of SMM. She enjoys health hacking recipes, a good cocktail, yoga, hikes, live shows, puns & dad jokes.

Off The Beaten (Tourist) Path

It's time to out the travel guides down, and skip the tourist trap attractions and experience a city like a local.

Off The Beaten (Tourist) Path travel tips

First thing firsts, if you want to experience local culture when traveling, stay away from tourist sites and tourist attractions. We all know that those experiences are far from truly experiencing local culture. Sure, you may want to explore the Colosseum in Rome  or visit Boca in Buenos Aires--but think about it this way...when you visit New York City, do you really get a New York experience by staying in Time Square? Do as the locals do. Travel with as few plans, commitments and reservations as possible. Be your most uninhibited self.

Easiest way to get the local knowledge is from the locals. This is true. Most people are proud of their home and love to tell you about it. One trick is to go to a restaurant early, like so you are the only customer - the staff will talk to you; sit at a bar and talk to the bartender, the always are in the know.

Ask your waiter.

Ask your cab drivers (use discretion here - cab drivers often get kickbacks for nightlife type activities).

Ask people you meet at the bar, or the cafe, or people you run into in the lobby of your hotel.  

Ask random people on the street.  

Rent places via AirBnB or Couchsurfing and ask your host.

As long as you are polite and use good judgment on when you are asking someone (i.e., don't interrupt people) usually people are happy to help and make recommendations.  Almost everyone wants visitors to enjoy their city/country and leave with a good impression.

Don't be intimidated by language barriers. Explore other forms of communications. Bring postcards from home to show and share. Draw pictures. Pantomime.

Be willing to try (nearly) anything. Food is a good example. Local "delicacies" may be intimidating, but you can pretty safely assume they aren't killing anyone.

Lastly, smile! People will respond best if you are approachable and polite. Well, at least this has worked for me!

Share your tips on Instagram!

Insiders Guide To Lisboa

insiders guide to lisbon_lisbon travel guide.JPG

Ah! Lisbon.

It's been a city that's long been on my list of places to travel for a very a very long time. 31 countries in under a decade, I'm not sure what's taken us this long to visit. The wines and Madeira, the history and culture rounding every cobblestone turn, not to mention the beaches, Baroque architecture, and the applause-worthy vivid sunsets... Portuguese perfection at it's best.

Everyone that I know that has been, gushes about it, comparing its similarities to my city by the Bay, San Francisco. Perhaps it's the Golden Gate Bridge that isn't, the cable cars transporting visitors throughout the city, or getting your walking shoes prime for the urban hiking extravaganza through the City of Seven Hills?

Not only is Lisbon laden with charm and friendly people, but there is also cultural and artistic richness here. Experiencing the addictive buzz of this town first hand, I can see the sticking similarities of this old world charming place. Get excited yet again for that glorious feeling of teetering in the unknown – this time, by way of Lisbon.



Mercado da Ribeira ≫ Food tip in #Lisbon? Try everything! From the sweet cherry liquor Ginjinha to the conservas and grilled octopus. And one way to get a taste of it all is the Time Out Market located in Mercado da Riberia. It's a collection of legitimate big deal chefs and purveyors in a boozy food hall near the city’s waterfront. It’s pretty impressive and popular with locals and tourists alike and undoubtedly the least Lisbon-feeling place in the city but a great way to get a sampling of the vibrant foodie scene. It's also a great place to visit on Sunday's when most places are closed. You will also find great local wines as well! If you want some fun little gifts to take home, grab beautifully retro-packaged tins of sardines from the Conserveira de Lisboa. And check out my favorite stand of all – the plants at O Meu Amor e Verde.

If I had to pick one favorite restaurant in Lisbon, 1300 Taberna is it.  Located inside Lisbon’s LX Factory, aka the arts district. The grilled octopus and the charcoal-grilled black pork are a must order here. Chef Kiko Martins created A Cevicherria, a Peruvian-inspired ceviche menu with Portuguese flair and a giant octopus hanging from the ceiling, which is pretty rad.

Inside the São Carlos National Theatre in Chiado is Café Lisboa, a beautiful place that is perfect for lunch by Portuguese famous chef José Avillez. A charming space with a beautiful terrace as well. There is also Bairro do Avillez which has been getting a lot of attention for its lively atmosphere, delicious fare. A must try are the giant red shrimps - they won't disappoint. And if you still haven't gotten enough of Avillez, try Cantinho do Avillez for dinner. Simple sophistication. A lovely relaxed dining room and exceptionally friendly staff. The Asian-inspired cuisine here is amazing. I could have chosen one of everything on the menu, it all looked so good (I decided on the scallops (highly recommend), and the meatballs in green curry). 

Located in Chiado, Tágide wine and tapas bar is a beautiful tapas bar serves excellent small plates and delicious Portuguese wines. Be sure to try the custard tarts (served warm with cinnamon ice cream). A little pricier, but worth it. For the city’s absolute best seafood, hands down head to Cervejaria Ramiro. This is a Lisbon institution – loved by tourists and locals alike. Simple, but the best. Another Lisbon institution is Pap’açorda which located in Bairro Alto. Head there for dinner. The restaurant was once the ‘it’ place for the media crowd and celebrities around town. Pap’Açorda’s décor is simple and understated, and the food is amazing. Authentic Mexican in a really fun and colorful space in the Cais do Sodré district is Las Ficheras. Come here for quesadillas and muitas margaritas!


Smoothies & Coffee Shops

The coffee culture in a lot of Europe is slowly evolving and Lisbon has sure caught on. For downright delicious coffee head to Cruzes Credo, a casual coffee shop with free wifi and across the street from Se Cathedral. It’s a great place to grab lunch/dinner with many gluten-free options. Pois Cafe also offers great coffee, free wifi and wonderful, casual meals. Enjoy a cup of coffee with house-made almond milk as a milk alternative at The Mill coffee in a minimal, modern, and wonderful setting. They also offer avocado toast, which I've heard is really good! In the Principe Real neighborhood, Copenhagen Coffee Lab is a cool spot with a Nordic-designed interior serving up amazing coffee. If you’re walking north of the city or along Avenida da Liberdade, make sure to stop at Fabrica Coffee Roasters.

Cold-pressed juices and smoothies at Yao Pressed Juicery just west of Bairro Alto. You can make your own juice combo or grab pre-made juices to go (perfect if you have a refrigerator.) The smoothies here are amazing, and so are the nut mylks. Another great option is Liquid LoungeA small organic juice/smoothie spot that’s got every combo of green juice or fruit smoothie imaginable. 


Airbnb ≫  Lisbon seems to be awash in reasonably priced airbnb apartments and I would suggest you take advantage of those options over the hotels. It's a great way to really enjoy the city and immerse yourself the way that the locals do it to book an Airbnb in one of the neighborhoods. Neighborhoods to consider? Lisbon’s Baixa, or ‘downtown’; Alfama the city’s oldest quarter; Bairro Alto the city’s bohemian quarter with trendy shops, restaurants and cafes; Belém a historic suburb with a lot of culture.

Palacio Belmonte ≫ For high-end historical luxury that you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else, the Palacio Belmonte is a 15th century palace-turned-guest house. Tucked away in the streets of Alfama, right up by the Castelo de São Jorge (atop the highest hill in Lisbon), this enchanted palace-style accommodation is run by a charming husband and wife team, and makes for a truly memorable experience.

The Independente ≫ Affirming Portugal’s reputation as having the best budget accommodation in Europe, these neighboring late-19th-century mansions in a premium location on the border of the Bairro Alto & Principe Real districts, were stylishly converted in 2011. With views over the Tagus river, this lovely hotel is full of classical features – big shuttered windows, high ceilings, vintage furniture, stained-glass windows, floors laid with traditional Portuguese azelujos, and wrought-iron balconies. There is also a stylish in-house restaurant on the ground floor – Decadente – with a modern Portuguese menu, cozy atmosphere and beautiful outdoor courtyard.



Just because! Portugal’s first ever COS (Collection of Style) store is as fresh and beautiful as the rest. COS – the higher-end label of H&M – is full of beautiful and timeless staple pieces – simple, stylish basics – with reasonable, mid-market prices. I can’t walk past one without stopping inside, in any city. Feira da Ladra (“thieves market”) is Lisbon’s biggest flea market, held in Alfama each Saturday morning. Come here for some amazing antique finds. The market starts at the Arco de São Vicente – an arch near where the famous tram 28 stops. With a store in Baixa (Rua dos Bacalhoeiros), and one at the Mercado da Ribeira, Conserveira de Lisboa for the most beautifully vintage-packaged tins of sardines. A staple on any Lisbon shopping list, they have been around since 1930s. A perfect gift to take home. In Bairro Alto, this is Portugal’s most famous chocolate brand, Arcádia , created in the city of Porto in 1933. I love the wrapping as much as I love the taste of the chocolate itself. It makes for another perfect gift. Try the port wine flavor! LX Factory. In a far-off corner, somewhere between Lisbon and Belém, an old industrial site has recently been converted into an exciting new art and design district. A creative hub full of galleries, cafes, bookstores, and clothing boutiques, this is the perfect place to while away a few hours. Shop here, eat here, hang here. I especially love the Ler Devagar bookstore, set amidst an old printing plant, with a little café tucked away amongst the books.

Insiders Guide To Lisboa
Insiders Guide To Lisboa


Belém ≫ A neighborhood famous for its monuments near the river and its pastry stop at Pasteis de Belém. Sit along the river and enjoy the beautiful views of the iconic 25 de Abril Bridge at sunset - the colors are amazing! Tour the monastery Mosteiro dos Jeronimos, one of the oldest in Europe, Torre de Belém, Padrao dos Descobrimentos, and the Centro Cultural de Belém (Contemporary Art Museum). EDP (Lisbon’s Electricity Museum) is worth checking out. this beautiful old power station was once responsible for supplying Lisbon with all its electricity. 

Principe Real/Bairro Alto ≫ Walk down Rua da Escola Politecnica, then Rua d.Pedro v. When you’re coming down the hill stop on the left at the ‘miradouro’ to see the views of the city and have a coffee. There are several ‘miradouros’ (lookouts) spread around town with spectacular views and cute little cafes and tables outside. My favorite one in Alfama is Miradouro de Santa Luzia, which is located halfway up the hill, at the top of Rua de Augusto Rosa.

Alfama ≫ A very charming, very old part of town (and my favorite) with azulejos (the colored tiles) at every turn. Great photo opportunities. Don’t miss the Castelo de São Jorge (São Jorge Castle) at the top of Alfama for an amazing view of the city. 

Chiado/Baixa ≫ Perfect to wander around and explore. Watch the sun go down from Park – a tree-filled rooftop bar, above a parking lot in Chiado, with amazing sunset views, funky tunes, and chilled out vibes.


Sintra ≫ One of the most beautiful and poetic places in the world, just a little outside of Lisbon. You will feel as if you are in a fairytale here. Wander around, grab a coffee, do a spot of shopping, and take plenty of photos. Get lost in the magic. A few hours will be enough.

Guincho ≫ A beautiful beach town. Have seafood for lunch at Mar do Inferno. Or drive a little further north to have lunch in Azenhas do Mar - a little cliffside town overlooking the Atlantic Ocean which has amazing seafood and stunning views. 


Insiders Guide To A Healthy-ish Portland

Lush green, relatively mild temps, Mt. Hood gleaming in the distance make the perfect backdrop for this once sleepy boho town of Portland. One visit to PDX and you'll see why so many around the world love this laid-back place. It's diverse community of Pacific Northwesterners and transplants reflects on its restaurants. One bite, and you'll see why so many flock here and never leave. And, I'm one of those.

Portland has unquestionably stolen a piece of my heart in an odd and humbling way. There is something about Rose City that feels right. Perhaps it is the simplistic way of life, and it’s low key, unpretentiousness. There are no flashy cars or designer duds like how it is back "home" in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, or that feeling of "keeping up." There is that feeling of belonging. It feels like home, what home should feel like.

Before moving to Portland in 2016, in late Sping/early Summer of 2015, my husband Gregg and I spent three months, home-basing in Portland during our digital nomad, global adventure. It was love at first bite. I finally had found a place that got me. It got my food intolerances, and my need for fresh, local, sustainable food. No need to go hunting for special restaurants that only offer those dishes.

Portland is definitely a mecca for foodies, for both indulgent fare and healthy eating. It's a place that you can easily find whatever it is that you are looking for. If there is one thing that I love about Portland, it's the abundance of amazing local produce, healthy eating options and the amazing creativity behind many dishes, drinks, and places.

There is no denying that Portland is a major foodie city. And if you're a vegetarian, vegan, intolerant diner, this is your place. You'll find that nearly every Portland menu has something for everyone with a strong focus on local produce, a lot of creativity and flavor. This Portland guide on Where To Eat Well in PDX are places that I'm always recommending to visitors and are places that I frequent. (Some more than others!) These are my go-to health spots. And, if you're looking for a more indulgent, YOLO kinda guide, don't worry, I'll have that coming up a bit later this month!

The Portland Guide: Where To Eat Well in PDX

Blossoming Lotus

Blossoming Lotus serves four types of food: vegan, vegetarian, raw, and delicious. This is definitely the place to get a solid vegan brunch. The menu is not extensive but offers up great dishes. ≫ What To Order: The Live Nachos, Vegan Benedict, and Lotus Wrap.

Broth Bar

It only makes sense that there's a place in Portland where you can buy ad sip on warm, nourishing broth. Broth Bar offers a delicious experience of wellness to everyone, a rotating selection of 3 different flavors of bone broth each day (grass-fed beef, grass-fed lamb, grass-fed bison, pastured chicken, pastured turkey, and pastured pork), along with a full range of nutrient dense add-ins such as chicken hearts, lamb tongue, soft boiled duck eggs, miso, fresh turmeric, and medicinal mushrooms. ≫ What To Order: The Chicken bone broth with grated ginger, kelp noodles, steamed duck egg, and tamari are a great combination. But, if you're looking just to sip on a warm bone broth, any of their offerings will hit the spot.


Located in the heart of SE Portland, Canteen is a great spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They serve up organic juices, smoothies, vegan eats in a snug, simple venue with heated patio seating. ≫ What To Order: The Walnut Taco Salad is BOMB AF! The walnut taco salad has walnut crumbles, mixed greens, pico de gallo, avocado curry sauce, carrots, cashew nacho spread, sliced avocado, green onion. Order that and a kombucha on tap for a solid lunch. The Maca & Friends smoothie is ridiculously delicious! It's a blend of banana, almond butter, dates, vanilla, almond milk, maca... Yum!


Carioca Bowls

Açai bowls? Yes, please! Carioca Bowls is PDX's original açaí bowl cafe serving healthy blends and savory kitchari. ≫ What To Order: The Carioca bowl with the coconut and blueberry toppings and gluten-free coconut almond granola, and the Purista smoothie with nut butter are damn delicious!

Eat Well PDX

Eat Well is a new colorful food cart at Tidbit in SE. The menu is pretty simple, and you walk through 4 choices to add to a base of brown rice or pick from their signature bowls. Everything is fresh, lightly seasoned, and will make you feel great after eating it! Plus the owner is very friendly and helpful and they also serve 'booch on tap! What To Order: I usually build my own bowl. But, the Green Machine Bowl with chicken with the green sauce is amazing, and the avocado and black beans balance the kale and rice great. Eat Well PDX on Yelp

Fern Kitchen

Looking for a healthy and tasty brunch or lunch? Look no further, 'cause Fern Kitchen has it all. Farm fresh eggs, local and organic produce, meats, dairy. Plenty of gluten free options too! They also serve up bulletproof coffee and collagen shakes on the menu. ≫ What To Order: Assorted street-tacos on Tuesday's, are a must. Vegetarian Mushroom Hash and Slow Roasted Pork Plate with crispy polenta cakes, braised greens, and salsa verde are two favorites. Bulletproof Coffee with added collagen and the Wonder Woman smoothie made with hemp protein, cinnamon, banana, almond butter, and almond milk are my go-to

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Garden Bar

After pigging out in Portland, you'll want to start a cleanse! Garden Bar is great for fast, healthy, convenient salads at 6 different locations around town. Pick from the menu of signature salads or build your own. They also recently added a grain bowl and two sizes to pick from. ≫ What To Order: I love building my own with the Shallot Lime dressing, but if I'm picking from the signature salads, The Bliss Detox and Yucatan are my personal

Garden Monster

Kill two birds with one stone, healthy eating, and food carts.. Garden Monster's menu has plenty of info indicating what's vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten free, dairy free, or sugar-free options. ≫ What To Order: Build your own or order a signature salad. The Hercules and King of Clubs are amazing!



Serving up breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Harlow's menu has plenty to keep you coming back. There are the expected salads and brown rice/quinoa bowls, but there are also stir-fries, pastas, enchiladas, wraps, and many more unique offerings to round out the list. The special of the day, moreover, is almost always worth ordering. Last time I was there it was a plate-sized burrito that eclipsed anything you could get from Chipotle in both heft and taste. ≫ What To Order: Everything! The Betty Bowl with garlic tahini sauce and the Mercy Blues with cashew hollandaise are two must-orders.

Kure Juice

Multiple locations | smoothies, bowls, smoothie bowls I'm not going to lie, on any given week, you're bound to find me here. At least at their Downtown location. Kure has multiple locations around town, each with its own unique vibe and personality. ≫ What To Order: Aside from one of everything on the menu, Kure's The Extra Mile smoothie, The Zen Master bowl, and Blue Cashew Milk are my go-to's And, if you're looking for something a bit warmer, the Anytime Nog is going to hit the spot. It's a delicious blend of almond milk, cashew, lucuma, maple syrup, vanilla bean, nutmeg, sea salt that will have you reminiscing of the holidays.

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Native Bowl

This cart has some of the most inventive and delicious combinations. They serve the bowls layered, so as you eat them it's like a constant change in flavor and texture. The prices are very reasonable and the portions are enormous! The owners are very nice and food comes up quickly. And, did I mention that Native Bowl is 100% vegan? ≫ What To Order: My favorite is the Broadway Bowl, which is tofu and veggies smothered in a sesame ginger peanut sauce.

Poa Cafe

Poa Cafe is another favorite. It's a great spot for nutritional smoothies and wholesome food. They are closed on Monday's. ≫ What To Order: The Almond Cocao Smoothie and the Sweet Potato Bowl with added avocado are my go-to's here.


Poke Mon

My second-favorite poke spot in Portland, and my go-to if I'm on the east side. They have a large selection of options, with pre-determined selections and a build-your-own option. Everything tastes quite fresh and the portion sizes are decent. ≫


Located inside Yoga Pearl, Prasad is a counter-serve veggie and gluten-free cafe inside serving rice bowls, smoothies, warm drinks and raw food. Prasad does have two locations, one in The Pearl and another on the East side. I've yet to visit the East side location, but have heard it's a gorgeous spot! ≫ What To Order: The vanilla chia pudding made with cashew-walnut mylk, topped with dried fruit, nuts, seeds and sliced banana is delicious! The Utopian Dream Pasta of shredded green papaya, carrots, shredded kale, scallions and broccoli tossed in almond butter pad thai sauce, topped with sliced almonds, mint, cilantro and sesame seeds is a uniquely delicious meal you'll be dreaming about. The Urban Bowl with Avocado Ranch is a personal fave, as is the Jackfruit Wrap.

Quickfish Poke

Ahh! Quickfish Poke! This is hands down my favorite poke spot in Portland. If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen these gorgeous poke bowls many times. Quickfish Poke is the new kid on the foodie block, and part of Bamboo Sushi family, so you know you'll get extremely fresh, sushi grade fish. ≫ What To Order: The Hawaiian Bowl and Fire Bowl is where it's at!

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This Latin American street food spot offers up delicious gluten-free arepas. ≫ What To Order: Vegetarian Arepas Plate and the Teote Bowl that comes with your choice of meat, rice, black beans, fried plantains, queso fresco, verde sauce, plantain sauce, cabbage salad and cilantro.


The Whole Bowl

Simplicity at its best! This is a great lunch spot that has 7 locations. (There is one even at the Airport.) Fast, filling, and feel-good food! I love this place and even though a bowl is over $7, it is packed to the brim with rice, beans, cheese, veggies, and that delicious sauce. I generally go to the one in The Pearl, since it's blocks away from me, or the one on SE Hawthorne. ≫ What To Order: The menu is simple; two sizes, nine ingredients. Want it gluten free, vegan, etc? Just ask!

Thrive Sauce & Bowls

Another food truck with vegan/vegetarian options at your fingertips? Yes, babe! Depth of flavor that is achieved in each bite, is phenomenal. The freshness of their food is incomparable. Thrive offers up bowls, noodle dishes and salads and plenty to pick from and add-in to throw in. ≫ What To Order: Kashmir Bowl and Mexican Bowls; Winter Cobb Salad and the Vietnamese Sweet-Chile Lemongrass noodle dish with flat rice noodles are my favs here!

Verde Cocina en la Perla

Verde Cocina is a Mexican/Tex-mex fusion with a PNW twist. You'll find plenty of great, fresh, local fare at their many locations. Keep in mind, this is a fusion spot, not authentic Mexican food. So, if you are looking for that authentic mole, don't order it here. The Peral location (aka la Perla) is my go to spot. This place is vegan.vegetarian friendly, and the best part is that virtually everything is gluten-free. ≫ What To Order: The Salmon Ceviche, Black Bean Sweet Potato Salad, and Chile Relleno are delicious. Also, order the guacamole with the fresh tortillas!

Wolf & Bear

A vegetarian food cart located on Mississippi Ave in North Portland, SE and in Downtown that is serving up a Middle Eastern inspired menu that includes wraps, salads, and soups. ≫ What To Order: The Falafel Wrap; Sabich, an Iraqi-Jewish traditional breakfast of hummus, amba (mango pickle purée), sliced hard boiled egg, grilled eggplant, diced onion, cucumber & pickles, freshly cracked pepper, parsley and salad greens topped with tahini sauce & olive oil on a warm pita; Out To Lunch, which features labneh, a creamy cheese made from cultured yogurt, gorgonzola crumbles, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, falafel, salad greens, freshly cracked pepper drizzled with tahini sauce and olive oil on a warm pita.

Other Places I've Yet To Try But Have Heard Amazing Things About...

  1. Harvest at The Bindery

  2. KIVA

  3. Laughing Planet

  4. Loving Hut

  5. Papa G’s Vegan Organics

  6. Proper Eats Market & Cafe

  7. The Cultured Caveman

  8. Veggie Grill

BOOM! There you have it.

Insiders Guide: Where To Find The Best Smoothie Bowls In Portland


Ah! Smoothie bowls. These blended healthy treats that generally double as a good-for-you breakfast or power boosting snack. Whether it's packed with leafy greens, bright colored fruit, or creamy avocado, these super-bowls are filling, nutrient-packed, and most importantly, downright delicious. And, in a town where keeping it clean and active is the norm, it's no wonder so many places offer smoothie bowls in Portland. Here are the seven best spots for smoothie bowls and what bowl to order:

Bowl of the Gods at Kure Juice Bar

Photo Credit: Instagram, @megan.ell
Photo Credit: Instagram, @megan.ell

This amazing bowl of goodness with an apple juice-based smoothie is topped with gluten-free granola, goji berries, shredded coconut, cinnamon, and fruit. The awesome factor in this, is that Kure Juice Bar uses protein powder and acai in the smoothie for protein-energy power boost, and some bonus nutrients. Kure Juice Bar, Southeast, 4409 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

Super Bowl atBula Kava House

Phot Credit: Instagram, @bulakavahouse
Phot Credit: Instagram, @bulakavahouse

Crafted with passion, Bula Kava's smoothie bowls are delicious. The Super Bowl at Bula Kava is a blended base of acai, coconut water, mixed berries, vanilla vegan protein powder, maca, and coconut oil, all topped with Hammer & Tuffy’s granola, banana, bee pollen, coconut flakes, and goji berries. Bula Kava House, 3115 SE Division St.

Great Green at The Bowl & Berry

Photo Credit: Instagram, @always23
Photo Credit: Instagram, @always23

The Bowl & Berry's Great Green is a blend of spinach, pineapple, apple and banana, topped with more ananas, GF Honey Hemp Granola™ and Twisted Honey™ and added extras of strawberry and kiwi. The granola and honey add great texture and really enhanced the fruity flavors within the bowl. The Bowl & Berry, 4708 NW Bethany Blvd

Sunrise Bowl at Canteen

Photo Credit: Instagram, @mariassmann
Photo Credit: Instagram, @mariassmann

Rise and shine with Canteen's Sunrise Bowl. Tis delicious bowl of granola and blended blueberries, banana, and fresh juiced fuji apples is topped with chopped hazelnuts and fresh fruit. It's now wonder this draws a following and creating new American staples. Caneen, 2816 SE Stark St

Almond Bowl at Sip

Photo Credit: Instagram, @sipjuicecart
Photo Credit: Instagram, @sipjuicecart

As if things couldn't get better, this Almond Bowl from Sip juice cart is on point, and what all of your smoothie bowl dreams are made of. The bowl of pure goodness has organic granola blended with strawberries, banana, almond butter, and almond milk; topped with fresh fruit, chopped almonds, and a dash of cinnamon. Yes, insert the "mmm's" and "yumm's" here. Sip Juice Cart, 3029 SE 21st Ave

SOMA Bowl at Greenleaf Juicing Company

Photo Credit: Insgaram,
Photo Credit: Insgaram,

Full of energy and antioxidants, this SOMA Bowl from Green Leaf Juicing Company is truly a beautiful acai bowl of pure maple syrup, cinnamon, almond butter, kale, blueberry, granola, orange, banana, ice; topped with cacao nibs, cashews, shredded coconut. Greenleaf Juicing Compan - various locations around Portland.

Tropicalia Bowl at Carioca Bowls

Photo Credit: Instagram,
Photo Credit: Instagram,

Carioca Bowl's is the first acai bowl place serving up beautiful, delicious bowls that you'd find on the beaches in Rio. All bowls are served and topped with fresh ingredients of fruits and superfoods. Order the Tropicalia BowlThe Original açaí blended with raw coconut water, mango, and pineapple. It's a Brazillian vacation in a bowl. Carioca Bowls, 827 NE Alberta St

Do you have a favorite smoothie bowl place in Portland? Share it with us on Instagram by tagging