5 Essential Self-Care Travel Tips

If you’ve been following me for some time or have scrolled to the very (very)  bottom of my feed, you'll know how much I love to travel. I don't think there has been a period of being stagnant for more than three months. Family and friends always ask where we are heading next, and have become a "go-to" for travel advice. 

5 Essential Self-Care Travel Tips

Traveling is a lot of fun. And, even the stresses of plane travel are something I look forward to; It's all part of the process and the journey. Yes, it’s fun, and it’s purpose-driven, and yes, it can sometimes feel quite glamorous; but, jet-setting (and, I use this term loosely... as in air travel) whether it be for work or pleasure, comes with its own set of complexities.

The main issue is self-care. It’s easy to run yourself ragged, hopping from one place to another, sometimes feeling homesick, and other times just feeling sick -- tummy, head cold, you name it. Here are five tips I have picked up along the way that keep me feeling 100% when I’m traveling.

Wipe It Down

I'm a germophobe, and more so when I get on a plane. I always use some quick hand wipes or a travel-sized sanitizer spray to wipe it all down: that includes the little TV, the service tray, and all the buttons around your seat. Wipe it down...all of it! Let's not get started on the bathroom.

Lubricate Your Nose

To avoid getting sick on planes, place a dab of Neosporin on a cotton swab and coat the inside of your nostrils. Not only does it create a barrier for germs, but it also lubricates the skin in the nose. That’s important because when the skin cracks, germs can come in, so the coating of the Neosporin doubly protects you. Personally, I travel with a tube of Waxeline. 

Stay Hydrated

It may seem obvious, but staying hydrated is one of the easiest, simplest ways to stay regular and well when on the road or in the air. Sometimes it can be easy to forget to hydrate while on the go, so find a water bottle you like and make sure that it fits into your carry on. Most airports have water bottle filling stations past security, so fill up!

Pack Probiotics

Go pro, and I'm not talking about the little video camera. This is a tip I got from my mom. Always travel with a high strain probiotic, and hydrate like you’re dying of thirst – because even if you’re not, for your body – the thirst is real. This dynamic duo of probiotics and water will keep your gut health in check and honestly stave off jet lag if you’re traveling to another time zone or another country. And, if you didn't pack a probiotic, don't worry. Buy local plain yogurt, and this will help do the trick.

Let Your Tummy Keep Time

If you eat on the schedule of wherever you’ve landed, you won’t feel jet lagged. It’s your stomach that tells your brain when it’s feeling wonky. By simply eating a meal at the time the locals are when you land, you trick your brain a bit and stay much more on track, and much less cranky. Along with this is getting some sunshine as soon as you land (given that you arrive during the day.) It might be tempting to nap, but keeping awake until dark combined with eating at the local time will help jet leg drastically!