7 Essential Home Gym Items

What if I told you that creating a home gym won't cost you a fortune. You won't need fancy equipment or shelves of free weights. Don't believe me? Read on. There are seven essential items that I have and use at home, and are items you can use, to create your own home gym. The best part is that they won't take up room at your home, and can be stored away.

1. Dumbbells and/or a kettlebell

7 Essential Home Gym Items 2 Dumbbells are necessary because lifting weights are one of the best ways to burn fat and shape your body. A good weight to start with is 5 pounds, preferably working up to 10 or 12 pounds. If you can also afford to get a kettlebell, then I suggest buying one, preferably at a weight of 20 pounds or higher. Kettlebell are different from dumbbells because you activate more muscles when using them when you use them to do certain variations of exercises. Not sure on where to start with a kettlebell workout? Man vs Weight has a great workout!

2. Resistance Band

Weight-A-Bands Resistance bands are a must-have, particularly if you are always on the move! These can also be used for strength training and will help tone your muscles. Resistance Bands offer a fun way to change up your routine, so you don’t get bored, challenging your muscles. There are also certain exercises you can only do with resistance bands which are incredible for toning up the glutes.

3. BOSU Ball

7 Essential Home Gym Items Ah! The BOSU ball. Ths is one of my favorite fitness its. It is versatile and a great addition to any home gym. BOSU stands for "Both Sides Up" or "Both Sides Utilized." It's got a flat platform on one side and a rubber dome on the other (resembling half an exercise ball), and it can help you improve your balance and flexibility, sharpen your reflexes, and reshape your body. Virtually any workout can be enhanced by incorporating the use of a BOSU ball because it requires you to use more muscles to stabilize your body, it means your workout will be more intense, making you burn more calories, too.

4.Exercise ball

7 Essential Home Gym Items 4 An Exercise Bal because it can both be used for stabilization movements and again, as a new way to challenge your muscles. It helps to tone your entire body. It is one of the mostly suggested equipment to improve core strength, stability, and posture.

5. Jump rope

Jump Rope is a fantastic and portable piece of equipment which offers an incredible form of cardio and also a way to tone your arms and legs. I am a huge fan of Michael Olajide Jr, who is the personal trainer of Adriana Lima, and the key component of their training is the jump rope. Seach YouTube fror videos. Many YouTube videos coach you on how to jump rope using variations and jump rope workouts. I also have a great post on how to blast fat by jumping rope.

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6. Sliders

Okay so I am a little biased on this one, but sliders are AWESOME! Slider/Gliding Discs help you mimic moves from the pilates reformer and megaformer movements. They can be used in a variety of ways that challenge your muscle in a new way. Anyone who has bought one and tried some of the moves from my super sliders video can certainly attest to that. The key with these is slow and controlled movements.

7. Foam Roller

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The Foam Roller is your best friend when it comes to recovery and tending to sore muscles. If you are working out regularly, I seriously encourage you to spend on a foam roller. Not only is it affordable, but using a foam roller is like having a massage. A foam roller is a form of self-myofascial release, which essentially means that you are rolling out the knots in your muscles which can become very tight with exercise and can cause your limbs to look slightly bulky.

So there you have it! With these seven essentials, there is no way you can't reach your fitness goals. Look online, read magazines, seach Instagram, buy workout DVDs so that you can get ideas for what moves to do using these specific fitness pieces.