Are You Making These 5 Common Travel Mistakes? Here's How To Avoid Them.

Let's be honest, we all make travel mistakes. When it comes to cramming a week of your life into cubic feet, no one is a pro. More than that, vacations — a time to "vacate" yourself from your life back home — can often become more of a stress-factor than a relaxation because of small hicks along the way.

There's nothing wrong with making mistakes, but we decided to share with you some of the travel errors we've made along the way and share with you how we moved from them.

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1. Packing footwear or one pair.

It may seem like something trivial, but the fact is that most of us underestimate the importance of good footwear during short trips. While cheap flip flops might seem enough to throw away after using on a few-day trip, vacations are usually when we walk more than any other time.

Don't let sore feet and broken slippers get in your way of truly enjoying your trip! Take shoes or sandals that you are sure to feel comfortable in and wouldn't mind spending hours in. I must admit that I pack more than two pairs. Shoes for me as essential because you're going to use them every single day, and you want to make sure your feet are comfortable. Look for footwear that's versatile and can be worn with several outfits.

2. Overpacking and not keeping it simple.

I'm guessing I'm not the only one out there who's a victim of perennially overweight luggage. While some of us are masters at maximizing suitcase space, others rely on being able to squeeze things shut last minute.

How many times have to traveled with things that you never ended up using? Plan your outfits by the day and only take things that you will absolutely need through the course of your trip. Sometimes improvisation with new clothes, slippers, and beauty products that you decided not to carry from home could be an adventure on its own! Don't overpacking, keep it simple!

3.Avoid eating street food.

When in Rome, be a Roman? I would say so! Being street food savvy might be what it takes to push you over the edge from being a tourist to feeling like a local.

I know, I know. It's hard to know what exactly local street food is made of and ensure the quality of the ingredients used. But then again, it's hard to know that with restaurant food as well! While it's important to be careful with food and water when traveling to less-developed countries, sometimes trying street food is what it takes to make you fit into your vacation destination — seamlessly.

4. Not respecting time.

We would all love to have 48 hours in a day and be able to cover massive ground in hours. But we can't. Certain cities require several days to cover entirely. Do justice to the place that you're visiting and take the time to see it for all that it really is. Chances are, you won't see an exotic place more than once. Don't take that chance and really explore a city while you're there.

5. Currency matters. Don't exchange currency at the airport.

Avoiding changing currency at the airport might be a good choice considering that you can often get better deals outside... but the weighing the convenience of having some cash on hand for taxis, food, or any other quick spending you may have to do, sometimes airport exchange rates might not be so bad. In fact, experience shows that while exchange rates at airports are a little higher than the norm, they aren't that much higher.

6. Voiding the use of credit cards overseas.

Many of us use credit cards to withdraw money fast when overseas, but the fact is that credit card companies can make you pay out of your nose through the high transaction fees. A more economical option would always be to carry several dollars with you on the go and exchange where you can. If you're headed to a very tourist-friendly location, there is no reason why exchange stations wouldn't be readily available.

Did you learn anything new about travel recently? Share them with us in the comments below as well.